When Is It Time To Up-size The Home?

When starting a family, we all try to find that perfect place to call

home, a place with the features we love, and just enough space inside and out to accommodate our little families start. Though, someday may come a nagging feeling develop; that it’s time to move to a bigger home. If you’re still not sure and maybe have been searching for alternative space-saving techniques and may need that little nudge that it’s time to buy a bigger house.

If you’re starting to become cramped in your current place or feel it isn’t right for you anymore, you shouldn’t worry too much. This is rather a natural step for every homeowner to take at some point. Human beings are meant to move around and not stay in one place; we are born venturers. And whilst it’s often inevitable that a bigger home will be more expensive, there are many ways in which you can save and still enjoy a larger space. Upsizing might seem like a big move, and hopefully, after this read, you’ll soon know if the time is right.

Family Growth

Probably the of the most common reason people upsize their home is because of a growing family; whether there’s the first new member on the way or if the current ones over-grow the space! That first small home that suited you and your partner at first may start to feel a bit more cramped and less spacious with more items floating around, leading you to want a bigger home.

Planning family growth always requires you to consider upsizing the home, having the perfect house ready for your perfect family is a must.

Of course, family growth may not be all about having to cater for 12 children but you may have a pet or two to share a home with. Pets come in all shapes and sizes and will need their space in the home too.

De-Clutter Everywhere

With potentially a family growing or two people cohabitating together needing more space because of work, hobbies or even personal belongings, it won’t take long before clutter starts to develop! Humans are, at some level, natural-born hoarders too. We’re all guilty of picking up more possessions as time goes on. Sometimes it might be storage you’ll need rather than the extra bedroom or loft space.

Make sure that before u decide whether you definitely need to move, have a big clear out and if a lot of your clutter can be reduced to give the family the space it requires then happy days.

To Move Or Remodel?

If this is a question that is being considered, you have a lot on your plate. Depending on the condition and layout of your current home; on occasions remodelling to create more space can be more costly than if you were to sell up and move to a larger existing house. And then lastly, do you really want to live in a construction environment for months?.

Unless you’re sentimental and passionate about expanding your existing home, there may be an urge to consider the remodel and to go real estate shopping instead.

If You’re Financially Capable

Maybe you don’t desperately need to move into a bigger home right now, but considering a few factors such as any negative balances towards the property and your motivation to move, mixed in with that pay rise you have been looking for, upsizing it can still be financially beneficial, only if your financial situation is looking good. The chances of you needing to upsize in the future can get high, and this could arise at a time when you’re not as financially stable as you are now, leading you and your partner to increased stress and panic.

Upsizing while your financially secure and renting your old property out when you move potentially make your money work harder for you and save you a lot of future stress and pain. It can also mean you could get your dream home and keep the home you come from.

Another option is to use the property as collateral when renting it out and releasing equity from it to pay any deposit fees and extra down payment needed on the new property. Long term secured loans from Evolution Money can give homeowners the option to spread the credit release over 1 year to 15 years at variable and competitive rates.

Looking For A Different Neighborhood and Community Or School System

Sometimes people relocate and upsize because their first home wasn’t located in the greatest of neighbourhoods, but the first purchase got you into your own place and on the market. Now it’s time to upgrade your living by choosing the right neighbourhood or community that better suits your lifestyle, preferences, and needs; this is especially if you have elder children who are attending a school system.

Your Quality Of Life Starts Suffering

This category spans and includes many things. Quality of life is important to everyone but everyone is different in life. What someone needs to achieve may take some space but others may need more. Sometimes people take on the responsibility to care for their elderly parents and would need the extra space. Or it can be the ever-growing pack of Alsatians who are driving you crazy or the mountainous piles of fabrics that your business use for quilting; but just can’t keep organized because of current space – or rather lack of. Whatever it might be, if the quality of life of you or family has taken a nosedive because your house is too small, well, the answer should be pretty clear. Maybe it is time?

Are you ready to start looking at new homes? Dream big, and don’t forget to hire a team of top-notch professional movers when it’s time to make the switch. Moving can be a stressful experience if not planned accordingly.

Have your recently upsized? What was the reason for your big move? Or are you still in the phase of alternative space-saving tactics in the home and find it works for you; because you have found an ingenious way to save space. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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