3 things to consider before hiring a car abroad

 Having access to a car can simplify most journeys, especially when you are abroad.

Travel by auto, and you won’t have to rely on public transport to get to each location. You’ll be able to adventure in your own way, at your own speed. Obviously, air travel doesn’t accommodate vehicles, but if you plan to fly, you could always hire a motor while you’re away.

Before you do this, why not follow our three top tips?

1. Booking fees

Trips abroad can be exciting and encourage you to be spontaneous — so, it’s unsurprising if you want to book the first hire car deal that you see. But remember that this could result in disappointment later down the line.

It’s worth noting at this point that some companies may seem legitimate online, but really aren’t. A dodgy firm is likely to bolt on additional charges both at the collection and drop-off points of your journey. And as a result, you could lose money.

To avoid this, spend time shopping around and reading reviews. A trustworthy provider will offer country-specific pricing information, including all terms and conditions specific to the area that you’ll be visiting.

2. Getting around

What’s your holiday budget looking like? Does it need reigning in? If so, you may want to consider a full-to-empty fuel policy.

This essentially allows hirers to buy a full tank of petrol or diesel ahead of using the car — and a lot of the time, it’s worth investing in.

Say you plan on using your credit card abroad, for example. A card machine transaction is likely to add extra charges to your monthly bill. But, if your car is fuelled up before you use it, you won’t need to fill up at a petrol station and you’ll be able to minimise credit card fees during your trip.

Almost any decent hire company will offer this option to customers. Just make sure to check out how much this will cost and compare it to other service providers to get the best deal.

3. Insurance deals

Insurance is key when it comes to renting a car — particularly if you’ll be driving in another country. Very often, personal insurance extends to motor hire, so if you plan to navigate the roads of a fellow European country, your deal will likely cover damage, theft and third-party liability. But not all issuers guarantee this — so make sure to check that yours does ahead of hiring a vehicle. Consider insurance before selecting a hire car deal, and you stand to save money.

Currently, Brits can drive throughout the EU with their British driving licence and car deal policy document, to evidence that they’re insured. However, the outcome of the Brexit deal could hugely affect this. If you plan to travel after the expected EU departure date (31st October 2019), then it may be worth staying on top of any updates within this area.

If new rules require UK motorists to carry a green card (global insurance document for motorists) in Europe, you’ll be able to prepare for this extra cost in advance. Travel is designed to be fun, and having the flexibility to travel by car could mean all the difference to your trip. If you carefully plan your options and budget accordingly, you’ll be able to protect your finances, too.


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