Must-do activities when visiting the Med

Holidays to the Mediterranean have been popular for decades and they don’t seem to be showing any sign of becoming less popular. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or prefer to keep both feet firmly on the ground, the Mediterranean has something to offer everyone, young and old. There are so many countries considered to be ‘in the Med’ encompassing European, Asian and African nations.

Read on for our must-do activities, which should keep you busy for several years of holidays to come!

Windsurfing in Turkey

The beautiful coastlines of Turkey provide the perfect place to try your hand at windsurfing. Whether you’ve attempted it before or are a complete novice, you’ll find something suited to you. Lessons are available in most coastal towns. The best time to visit is during the summer when the air temperature and wind speed provide the perfect conditions for this water sport.

Yachting in the Med

The coastline within the Med is simple spectacular and worth looking at closely. Why not consider a Mediterranean yacht rental in Croatia, for example? Imagine sitting back and soaking up the glorious sunshine whilst taking in the stunning scenery and views.


Maybe the hot sun is not your cup of tea and you’d prefer some icy excitement instead. Skiing in the Mediterranean is surprisingly popular and the snow reliable in areas like Abruzzo in Italy. Other snow sports are on offer too, so you’re bound to find smething to occupy your time! What’s more, if you’re also interested in the food and drink (who isn’t?), then you’ll find loads of fantastic places to wine and dine in quaint little villages.

Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

North Africa’s mountains, the Atlas Mountains, provide breath-taking scenery and a sort of escapism for many. If you have the right clothing for hiking, then this would be a fantastic option for you. Deep within, you will find a group of indigenous people (known to some as the Berbers) who defy modern life, remaining loyal to their roots and traditions. When walkers are feeling exhausted, they are often on hand to provide tea to revive and perk them up.


If adventurous sporting activities aren’t your thing and you’re seeking something relaxing, why not try thalassotherapy? This stems from ‘thalassa’, the Greek word for sea. It is a healing treatment not limited to sea water; it also incorporates seaweed, mud and sand.


There are numerous places that you could visit if you have a keen interest in history and archaeology. However, the Greek Islands are where we recommend. From the Vaulted Mycenaean Tomb, the Cave of Drakna and the Cylopean Walls in Kefalonia to the Acropolis in Ithaca, there is so much to see and learn about. Greek mythology adds that extra element of intrigue and wonder to the historical sites. Athens in mainland Greece is also worth adding to your list of must-see places.


Of course, this list is not exhaustive. However, we do believe that all of the experiences listed above are of interest and are things you ought to do at least once in your lifetime. Enjoy making memories in the Mediterranean!



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