Sigg drinks bottle

If you’re the type of person that constantly carries a bottle of water or some other drink then a bottle from Sigg may be just what you need.

Not only are these bottles sturdier and stronger than most, they also hold any type of drink including carbonated/fizzy stuff.

There are different models and sizes to choose from plus colours. These bottles come made from high quality recyclable aluminium and yet they remain very light and easy to carry round.

Unlike other reusable bottles, this one doesn’t come with any sort of carry strap, but don’t let that put you off because the bottle lid is actually the handle. Notice the large hole in the picture above? Well that’s for fingers to grip it. If you prefer you could loop your own strap through too and you needn’t worry about the lid being yanked off either. The bottles are all 100% leakproof and have even been thoroughly tested with carbonated drinks upside down. The bottle top simply twists in and stays put.

It’s a useful bottle for adults or children. Children even have their own special designs including Disney characters to choose from. They save spills and accidents whilst travelling or on the move. Great for the gym or cycling too with the easy finger grip handle. The tough aluminium protects the bottle from cracks and breaks making it a good choice for those in physically demanding jobs such as building sites; where other cups and bottles would be prone to breaking.

A bottle like this can last years and prices start at just Β£15 each. Visit SIGG to buy yours.

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