Lucky Fortune Bracelets

We’ve had dolls, animals, shopkins, num noms and all sorts of weird collectible toys in this house and now comes another one, but with a difference.

This time it’s something that little girls can actually use as well as collect.

These are the lucky fortune bracelets from Wowwee toys. Each one is shaped like a Chinese fortune cookie and inside is a paper fortune and a bracelet. The bracelets are suitable for little girls. Izebella is 6 and I have no problem with her having them. They are made with cord and each one has a little charm. It’s the charms that are collectible and a pamphlet of them all is also included in each cookie. The fortune cookies cases are plastic and just need cracking in half which is really easy to do.

There are many different bracelets to find with some being rare or limited edition just like most collectible toys. The bracelet cords also come in different colours and they all come fitted with a bracelet adjuster so they fit.

You can watch Izebella reaction to them here!

As there are a hundred or more to collect, I do think they will be popular with little girls. This is the first series of them. I’m not too sure if they would work for multiple series like other collectibles, at least not just as bracelets anyway. I’m thinking there may be something else to be found inside any future releases.

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