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Now that the sun is coming out – or is expected to any minute; you know how temperamental the weather can be during this time of the year –, you’re likely to receive a handful of last-minute party invitations. It could be your elderly neighbour who’s waited until the last moment to invite everyone to their birthday next week. Perhaps it’s a distant friend who has just found your postal address again and it sending a belated invitation to their wedding – Oh my God, and it’s at the end of the month! Or maybe your parents want to throw a spontaneous Father’s Day garden party, and they want to take photos of the family. It doesn’t matter where they come from. In June, invitations tend to flood like Biblical flooding. There is nothing you can do; they are everywhere!

The thing about being invited somewhere is that it can be tricky if you don’t feel at the top of your self-confidence. Indeed, when you go to a party, there’s as much an element of seeing the people you care about than an element of being seen. But what if you haven’t yet found your summer body or even your summer beauty? When you don’t feel pretty, the last thing you want to do is to meet people. Don’t decline the invitation just now. There are a few last minute tips to find your self-confidence in time for the party:


Make a fashion statement

Of course, you are not what you wear. But you can make the most of your clothes to showcase your personality and hide the bits and bumps you are the most conscious about. For an outdoor celebration, why not throw a casual floaty kimono that is not only incredibly stylish but also flattering on all body shapes.  You can use a kimono to give yourself more volume if you’re worried about being too skinny, or you can dissimulate the curves you don’t want anybody to see. Kimonos are the ideal dress-up jacket to turn your comfy everyday trousers in a party outfit. If you prefer something smarter, tailored suits are back in. You can find exquisite cuts in vibrant summer colours from brands such as Zara and Mango. Feeling good about yourself starts with an attractive outfit.

Ugh, I’ll never get rid of my belly

It’s not that you don’t have party clothes, it’s just that you don’t want anybody to see you in them. You haven’t yet managed to get rid of your winter weight gain, and you’ve become very self-conscious about your tummy area or your thighs. They may not be as big as you make them to be, but right now, to you, they are. And right now, it’s all that matters. The truth is that you can’t drop a dress size overnight – at least not if you want to stay healthy. But you can smooth things out with clever shapewear. Indeed, you’d be surprised how much supportive underwear can do for your silhouette. From flattening your stomach area to keeping your thighs under control under tights trousers, spandex can revolutionise the way you think about your body.

Go as a family

Sometimes, it’s easier to go as a group than just appearing as yourself. You could suggest coordinated family fashion to your partner and children. It’s a fun way of making a fashion statement without feeling individually exposed. When you stand as a unit, you feel strong. You can forget about your concerns about your body or your hair; you stand as one together. You can choose a colour theme, such as earthy tones for instance, or you can pick random colours. Yellow and green are a vibrant combination for a summer party.

Give your smile a makeover

Your smile is your best asset. When you smile, the world smiles with you, and nobody notices all the little things you might worry about.

Well, that sounds great, but if you’re an avid tea or coffee drinker, you know that your smile is your yellowest asset. Everybody knows British teeth; our love for black tea is not without stains. Homemade whitening remedies can be harmful to the enamel. Instead, you might want to check with a dentist — have a look at whitening options on this clinic website, for instance –  what your options are. Typically, whitening procedures show dramatic results after only one treatment, so why not give your smile a little boost?

New hair, new you

The same old hairstyle can affect your confidence. In the long term, you might even begin to feel invisible. Your hairstyle says a lot about you, and when you never change it, it can stop representing who you are. So, why not try something new and bold, something that showcases your personality better? Try out a new colour for the summer, for example. If you’ve got long and dull hair, a fresh cut can give you a vibrant edge. Ultimately, you want to feel excited about the person in the mirror. So give her something to get enthusiastic about.

A little makeup can give you new contours

When you’ve been working for many months without a proper break, it can be tricky to look your best. Your completion can be a little dull from stress. You’ve got rings under your eyes. Your face feels a little bloated as a result of unhealthy lunch taken on the go. Ideally, you’d love to go to the party but only if you can change your face. Guess what: you can. You’ll find countless helpful makeup tutorial that can teach how to hide signs of tiredness under the eyes and add sharp contours to your chin. So, you can indeed get yourself a brand new face for the occasion.

Glow in an instant

Plan a couple of hours to look after your skin and refresh it. True, you probably can’t erase the excess of the winter, but you can give yourself some healthy glow. While cucumber-based masks are more popular to cool and soothe your skin; you’ll get more satisfying result with a homemade almost mask that moisturises and rejuvenates in only 15 minutes.

Feeling pretty starts in your mind. But you can trick your mind into seeing past some of your insecurities and embracing the real, beautiful you. You can be ready for any last-minute party. Buy an outfit that makes you feel good. Whiten your teeth. Find a makeup tutorial that let your eyes shine. In short, find your lost confidence again.

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