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In New York, NY, large metal storage containers can be found for whatever your needs are. Whether you’re needing it for personal uses (to use for personal self-storage, or even for home building materials), or for your business facilitation desires (storage or portable office space), you can rely on a shipping container to provide a valid weatherproof and reliable solution that can offer many benefits for whatever you need it for. In this guide, we’ll tell you about how you can find shipping containers on sale in the New York area, and a little bit about the shipping containers themselves.

Types of Material To Consider

Shipping containers are made primarily from weathered steel, but not all of them are. Some are made of a steel that is called “COR-TEN” steel. This makes this alloy more capable of preventing things such as corrosion, and it’s treated and coated. This is one of the material options that even provide waterproofing options. Of course, it doesn’t mean the container you choose depending on the quality and “newness” of it is going to be completely weatherproof, but it definitely helps. You may have a higher price tag on it though.

Another factor to consider is the door hinges on the container. These can often become stiff and stuck on the journey. The causes vary from weather conditions and rust to lack of use or poor building. A stuck door can be an expensive thing to fix, so it’s better to remove any risk by using door hinge lube and prevent it from getting stuck, and rusting in the first place.

The Big Difference Between New and Used Containers

The biggest difference when it comes to shipping containers is whether they’re new or used. When you buy a used one, you may be sacrificing a brand new finish, but you’re often not sacrificing the quality, the water and weatherproof qualities of them, or even the security of them. The other main difference is the price. Brand new shipping containers can cost thousands more, whereas used containers can be purchased for much less (about an eighth of the cost of a new one). You can even have rent-to-own options that can help you save even more.

For Businesses

Businesses can definitely benefit from buying shipping containers. By providing solutions that can be converted into office space, or to be used as inventory management and overstock control, shipping containers offer a more reliable solution to protect goods even when compared to regular semi-trailers.

For Homes

If you need storage solutions, buying a shipping container can save you a lot more money in the long run and keep your personal belongings safe too. Not only that, but it’s much cheaper than paying for a storage unit for a long time, and even better, it’s completely yours.

When it comes to using for building a home, you can actually make a fully self-efficient home out of shipping containers, and they can not only be valued extremely high, but they’re able to withstand many elements that normal homes just can’t compete against.


If you want to buy a shipping container in New York, you’re definitely in luck. Shipped offers nationwide help when it comes to buying a shipping container, and they’ll act as the middleman to do all the hard work and save you time and money in the process. Since New York is a port city, if you’re looking for a shipping container, there are options extremely close by, so you won’t have to pay nearly as much as some other cities inland to have it moved to your location either. So, be sure to check out their New York City storage resources.

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