2018 Summer Clothing Trends That are Well Worth Trying

Summer officially does nvot start, in the UK, until the 21st of June. But, we have already enjoyed some nice hot days. So, I thought it would be useful to take a quick look at some of the more unusual summer fashion trends for women.

Floaty kimonos

The other day while browsing the JD Williams site I came across several pages of kimonos. It has been a while since these wrap jackets were last in vogue. But, it is good to see them coming back into fashion. They are stylish as well as practical.

More importantly, they are versatile. You can wear a kimono with most types of clothing, especially, this year. Many retailers have decided to stock hip and mid-thigh length ones as well as the traditional full-length versions. So, you can easily wear one with jeans, trousers or a skirt.

The traditional T-cut is still there, but, the materials used are far more lightweight, than normal. This is great because you can easily slip one into your suitcase. Kimonos are an interesting alternative to beach sarongs. In the evening, you can use it as your jacket.

Hippy modernism

While we are on the subject of lightweight floaty clothes, I really should mention the fact that the hippy look is back. But, with a twist, a lot of designers have given traditional hippy clothing like kaftans and long flowing dresses more of a boho feel. This has created an edgier, far more modern, look.

If you like textured clothing that flows look out for crocheted items and crazy tassels. There are plenty of raffia accessories and amulets available. So, accessorising this type of outfit will not be difficult.

Sharp suits

At the other end of the style spectrum, are tailored suits. For both men’s and women’s fashion, the smart, formal way of dressing has also gained traction. Suits are very much back in fashion. But, designers are having a bit more fun with them and are coming up with new detailing. For example, double-breasted jackets that fasten at the side rather than down the front.

For women, brightly coloured trouser suits made from luxury looking fabrics are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Typically, the jackets are semi-tailored, so your waistline and hips are accentuated. But, the cuts are anything but formal, extra touches like flared sleeves, special buttons, and stylish belts work together to soften the look. This year’s suits are different and more feminine than, in the past. Typically, the trousers are soft and flowing.

The great thing about a suit is that you can mix and match it to create dozens of outfits. A suit may not be the first thing you think about buying for your summer wardrobe, especially if you do not work in an office. But, suits are stylish, versatile and you can carry on wearing them later in the year when the weather starts to get cooler. This article will give you more of an insight into the different ways you can wear a woman’s trouser suit.

The utility look

When people see the phrase utility look they automatically think of workwear and are immediately put off. They see it as being all about big pockets, overalls, and dungarees. Up until a few years ago, that would have been right. But, recently designers have taken workwear and made some radical changes.

The big pockets and overall cuts are still there, but designers have softened the edges somewhat. This year, as well as traditional jumpsuit and boilersuit designs you can buy softer versions that flow as you walk and define your waist. You may also enjoy wearing cleverly cut field jackets with summer pants made from the same material.

As you can see some of this summer’s clothing trends are radically different from what has gone before. I urge you not to be put off by this. Instead, see it as an opportunity to shake up your look. You will be pleasantly surprised by how many of the above trends actually work for you.

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