Oyatsubox unboxing

Oyatsubox is a monthly subscription box from Japan. It costs $28.99 per month which works out around Β£25. The box contains 10-14 snacks and treats along with a capsule toy known as a gapachon, this is like a toy in a container that comes out of machines.

My video shows all the contents of my box. I was very happy with the contents. Lots of different products to try and not just candy which was good; but also crisps, noodles and a tiny toy too. I did love the chocolate items, which I managed to eat without the kids! Oops ? but yes it’s a good box and one that I’d be happy to try again.

Discount code

I have a unique discount code for anyone interested in getting one of these boxes. The code gets you $3.99 off your first two boxes meaning you only pay $25 per box (approx Β£21). The code is EVEST2019 and is valid until the end of June.

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