Car Maintenance – Let Safety Lead the Way

It is estimated that last year alone (2018) there were over 165’000 casualties injured in road accidents. Of these over 26000 were killed or seriously injured on our UK roads. If you have ever been unlucky enough to either be in a car accident or hit by a car then you will know just how scary and even life changing this can be. Even if you’re not seriously injured it can leave permanent memory scarring and lead to travel anxiety and much more.

The main cause of most road accidents is down to driver error. Be it failing to look properly, failing to judge traffic calming measures, for instance not spotting parking cones, reckless driving, speeding, or drunk driving. Other causes include bad weather, pedestrian fault, and faults in the road.


In 2017 there were 5803 reported traffic collision incidents in West Yorkshire alone. This included 694 children being killed or injured on West Yorkshire roads. This is just one place in Great Britain. Driving on Yorkshire roads can be challenging just like many other places but if your car is properly maintained and serviced then accidents can be minimised. West Yorkshire for instance has its own fair share of road accidents and breakdowns. Some of which are caused by faulty tyres. It’s better to get new tyres if the older ones are worn out or damaged. If you’re looking for tyres in West Yorkshire then  check out Ossett Tyre House.   

There is however another main cause of road accidents and that is the condition of your car. Maintaining your car and checking the condition under the hood, such as the n54 injector, is essential if you want to keep your car in good shape and avoid accidents. Cars usually last many many years and go through a lot of mileage. Imagine if you were to walk that many miles, you’d be in a pretty bad shape after a while. Well your car can also end up in a bad way if you don’t get regular maintenance and the necessary yearly M.O.T.

An MOT test is a requirement by UK law for most vehicles over 3 years old. The test will cover many things and generally takes a few hours. MOT test centres are found in every town/city and the test will include checks for all of the following.

β€’ exhaust & Emissions

β€’ Seat Belts

β€’ Steering

β€’ Windscreen

β€’ Bonnet Catch

β€’ Horn

β€’ Number plate

β€’ Lights

β€’ Brakes

β€’ Tyres and Wheels

β€’ Mirrors

β€’ Doors

β€’ Seats

β€’ Suspension

β€’ Fuel system

β€’ Body and structure

If a car passes all the checks then a test certificate will be issued to confirm the vehicle is road worthy. If it does not pass then the owner is then obliged to have the car serviced in order to bring it up to standard. A re-test can then be booked within 10 days of a fail. Any later than 10 days and the owner will need to pay the full cost of a new MOT. The cost of a yearly MOT seems to vary in different places.

One of the most important car parts which gets tested during an MOT, are the tyres. After all without tyres, a car would not be operable. Caring for and maintaining your vehicles tyres is the most important factor in making sure you and your car enjoy a long healthy life. Bad tyres are huge contributor to accidents.

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