Freya’s cauldron monthly subscription full of witchy goodies

It’s not often I mention my beliefs on my blog, it’s something I keep separate, but I am actually a practicing witch. I’ve had a keen interest in witchcraft, the paranormal, occult and even the odd bit of voodoo and darker stuff since I could talk and as I’ve got older, my interest gets stronger.

Anyway I’ve been searching for a decent witchy type Subscription box for a while and came across Freya’s cauldron. The reviews from were great, the videos from others even better; so I went ahead and purchased my first one.

They normally arrive at the beginning of the month and come packed full of all sorts of witchy and pagan type goods. The box is suitable for all levels, whether your a beginner, or you know your stuff or even those who just have an interest in it all. It costs just £25.00 per month.

I was really happy with my first box. As most of you will know I review a lot of subscription boxes and will always say if I don’t think it’s value for money but this certainly is.

To see what I got. Watch my video!

The contents are of course different every month, but from what I’ve seen of other videos, they usually include many different herbs & spell ingredients, coloured spell candles, spells, a jewellery item, a home item and other things. It’s a great box!

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