Save money with a railcard this May half term

If you don’t drive and have children, then the cost of getting to places can quickly mount up during school holidays. By making an initial yearly purchase of a family & friends railcard, this cost can be cut by a third or even more.

I’ve had a railcard for a few years now and I know I’ve saved hundreds by using it. The yearly cost is around Β£30 but every so often there are deals and codes which get you one for even less. Also if you buy a 3 year card you can also save money that way too. One railcard allows up to four adults and four children big discounts when travelling together.

I use my card every time I travel with any or all of my children. The four adult allowance also means I can include my friends on it too if they are coming with us. We can use the railcard to travel anywhere in the Uk by train.

Here is an example of just one recent saving we made.

We went on a weekend break to the Lake District travelling from Bolton to Cark & Cartmel. Without the rail card and for one adult and 3 children return the price is Β£70.

Then the same options but adding a railcard this time!

And it’s less than half the original price, saving Β£35.40 and thus instantly returning the price of the rail card too and that’s just one trip.

I do find that more savings are made on longer journeys than short ones. Of course booking the trip in advance can also save money too. We have even made a few trips to London via train and saved well over Β£100 by having the card.

Not only does the friends & family card save money when travelling, but we can also save money on over 250 days out and many more offers. The days out include popular attractions across the UK, including museums, sea life centres, farms, tours, theme parks, and even paintball to name just a few. The discounted tickets can be purchased via and railcards can be purchased for Β£30 at

If you travel via train a lot, like I do, and have children then a railcard is a vital purchase if you want to save the pennies for something much better.

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