5 Smart Dog Training Tips That You Should Know

Training your dog can be tiresome, challenging and sometimes long procedure because every dog has his own temperament, behaviour and attitude. The dogs, who are friendly most of the time, can be challenging to handle especially when they are not trained. The untrained dogs act, play or roam around as per their wish, and seldom it can create problems for you as an owner, hence, to train your dog you should opt smart choices, which are not only best for your pet but also for you. These quick training tips will make your life easy as you will not have to run, fight and even quarrel with your dog to get him trained because these tips will be based on smart equipment, easy to use technology which is developed according to attitude, size, and health of a dog. If you want more information on how to train your dogs, read more here.

Through these smart training tips, you can let your dog play freely including running and playing and can train alongside. These quick training tips are hectic free, easy to learn and result oriented, and are often taught in all animal-related careers.. The major part of these smart training tips is Dogtra 1900S Remote Dog Training Collars by K9 Electronics as these collars are the best available option in the market for training your dog.

Following are the five Smart Dog Training Tips you should know and how Dogtra 1900s can help you with it.

1.    Learning names of different things

Dogs are highly intelligent animals, and by use of Dogtra 1900s, you can make them learn the names of various items quickly and efficiently. The five-star electronic collar is designed for your medium or dog, and through its Rheostat dial, you can effortlessly make your dog learn the names of different things. — As the dogs get older, it might get harder for you to train them. However, it’s not an impossible task. Find on this website what steps to follow and options for you and your dog.

2.    Eliminate on Command

With Dogtra 1900s you can teach your dog to eliminate on command. Made for dogs with a stubborn attitude, this electronic collar is the best option for you as an owner because, with its 127 customizable levels of static stimulation, you can train your dog to relieve smartly.

3.    Train in Open Field

Dogs love to run and play in open spaces, and this can be sometimes hard for you as an owner to meet the energy and stamina of dog especially if you are training him under old style, i.e. with a leash. With ΒΎ mile range of Dogtra 1900s, you can let your dog play freely while keeping an eye with its transmitter and also train him with its β€œnick” and β€œconstant” vibration.

4.    Swimming/ Playing in Water

Most of the dogs love to play in the water, and some of them are natural swimmers. To teach them how to play in the water, swimming and other activities, Dogtra 1900s is the best choice in this regard as well as its collar and transmitter, both are waterproof.

5.    Hand Shake/ High Five

Through Dogtra 1900s stimulations and medically tested vibrations, you can smartly teach your dog to do high five and handshakes. The controlled vibrations in the collar will be cues for the dog to raise and shake hand with you and your family members. These stimulations/vibrations are set according to the attitude of the dog especially if they are stubborn.


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