Planning A Party On A Budget

If you’ve been given the task of planning a party then it can feel quite a daunting task if the budget is quite tight. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce costs and still have a great party that will be remembered by all those who attend. Whether it’s a small affair or a big one, here’s how to plan a party on a budget.

Keep Track Of Your Budget

First and foremost you need to set yourself a budget for the party, and this is where you have to be strict. Work out all the aspects of the party that will need paying for and give a specific cost to each one. This will enable you to be strict when it comes to buying everything that you require. Anything that you might be able to save on can go towards other aspects of the party where it’s worth spending a little more. If you find yourself about to spend more than you should, consult your budget and if it’s too much just say no. It’s good to get cost comparisons when it comes to getting the best deal for your money and don’t be afraid to haggle, you may surprise yourself by coming away with an even better deal than you were offered.

Use Paperless Invitations

As well as being budget-friendly, they are also a good thing for the environment. Not a lot of us hold onto the paper invitations, birthday cards etc, for longer than necessary so it’s probably worth the money sending paperless invitations instead. There’s plenty of websites to pick from, and some are free to use, and there are others that might charge a fee for the more complex designs. It’s a great way of getting invitations out to those that are social savvy, and it will also collate any RSVP’s that you get back so that you can keep an eye on who has received them, seen them and responded.

Book Venue In Advance

The venue is key to book in advance. If you’re short on a budget, the best way of securing a decent venue for a small price is to do your research and see multiple venues. If you have a criteria, make sure the venue can cater for it all and cut back on requirements where possible to make it cheaper. When you’ve got plenty of quotes, you can always go back to the ones you like and try to haggle down the price. They don’t need to know that you’ve got a tight budget, to begin with and they might bring down their costs to secure you as a customer rather than letting a competitor, have you.

If that still doesn’t work to bring the price down, then play the tight budget card and hopefully they’ll make an additional cut to the final bill.


If your venue doesn’t have a bar, then why not ask guests to bring their own booze? Instead of trying to cater for the number of guests and potentially ordering too much alcohol and drink for the party that leaves you out of pocket, get guests to bring their own. It will also be a cheaper option for your guests because they’ll likely spend less on buying drink from a store to what they’d usually pay at a bar or pub.

DIY Your Decor

You’ll be surprised by just how many friends and family members have a creative skillset. The decor is what transforms your venue for the party, but it can also be one of the more costly things on the list to pay for. But ask around before you start buying the decor as you may have people around you that already have the decor you need. Failing that, you can get the creative juices flowing and organize a time to get a load of your friends together to help make the decorations that are needed for the event. Think party streamers and flower crowns as an example of what to create.

Cut Down On Food Costs

Food is another major expense, but thankfully there are many other options than just using a traditional caterer. A lot of high-street restaurants and cafes are widening their profits by catering for events and parties so you may find it cheaper to go with them for the food and perhaps using a UK cupcake delivery service instead of forking out a lot of money for a cake if it’s a birthday party you are planning. If you fancy yourself a bit of a chef in the kitchen though, it might be more cost-effective to buy in the food yourself. Buffets are a lot cheaper, and you can bulk buy party food like sausage rolls, pork pies, etc for very little. Sandwiches are also a good idea for big parties. If you plan on making your own sweet treats and cakes, and are catering for many people then considering buying ingredients in bulk such as bulk waffle mix. If you need assistance, get a few friends the day before to prep them.

Use Your Phone For Music

A huge cost for a party comes with the hiring of a band or DJ. Of course, we all want to have music at a party, and it’s probably one of the most important things because it enables your guests to get up off their feet and onto the dancefloor. However, if you’ve not got the big budget for a five-piece band or the going rate for a DJ, then it’s easy enough to plug in your phone or electronic device and play from a playlist on there. Get enough songs onto a playlist to last for however long your party is on for, and it’s completely free!

Parties don’t have to cost the earth, and if you’re clever, you can get some great deals if you are not afraid of haggling. Start venue hunting early and get creative with the decor. Involve friends and family members and cut down on costs like the music and drink with the above suggestions. With these tips, you’re guaranteed to have a smashing party without having to land yourself into debt.

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