All about Eve’s parcel

As women we mostly dread the monthly visits from our period friend. For many it can be uncomfortable and painful. Eve’s parcel is a box designed for ladies to make that time of month a little more pleasant.

These boxes are specifically tailored to meet individual needs meaning we can specify date of delivery and choose what sort of feminine products we want in the box. There is a choice of tampon or sanitary pads or you can choose a mixture of both. There is even a choice of brands and types/size of pads too.

Of course the personal feminine products are important, but a box full of just pads or tampons wouldn’t be much fun would it? Well this box comes with many extra treats too. These include cosmetics, skin care, bathing products, snacks, sweet treats and tea bags. With my box I got 6 additional products along with more than enough pads for a months use.

You can watch my unboxing video below (please also subscribe and like).

And Eve’s parcel costs just £12.99 monthly. It’s certainly worth it with all the additional products.

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