Cadbury’s Easter

Have you bought your Easter eggs yet? Or do you leave it til last minute? Well as always there’s no need to panic because the supermarket shelves are still full to the brim with Easter eggs.

When we think of chocolate, the brand that stands out the most is of course Cadbury’s and they have literally loads of different eggs and treats for Easter with a large proportion under a quid. No matter what your budget, you will find chocolate Easter treats that are affordable this year.

I’ve been sent this delicious assortment of Easter treats which I will be giving to my kids, as I’m on my holiday diet. As you can see; even tho this is just a small selection of Cadbury items, there is still a broad variation. You get the large more pricier eggs at the top followed by mini treats and Cadbury’s creme eggs. The mini bags containing dairy milk eggs and mini eggs can usually be purchased for just a pound or even less.

Cadbury’s small Easter eggs are also currently in many supermarkets for just a pound. There medium eggs around £2/£3 and larger at £4 and above. The larger you go, the bigger the egg and more bars/packets of chocolate is included.

I’m also betting that after Easter Sunday, the Easter eggs will all be reduced, so those fancying an after Easter chocolate treat will be pleased.

Wishing you all a very happy and good Easter weekend? X

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