Bayala – Glittering moon unicorns

We are unicorn obsessed in this house and love everything about them!

These three are our most recent unicorn additions. They are all part of the brand new “Magical Beings” range from Bayala. These are the glittering moon unicorns. – This set includes A proud moon unicorn stallion, the dazzling star Pegasus mare and their cute shooting star foal with Argus eyes, who wakes up and keeps his parents on their toes with his great curiosity.

All three figures are decorated with glitter elements and rhinestones – truly sparkling playing fun in a never seen before colour. They are really stunning and to be honest my photography skills don’t really do them much justice. It’s quite hard to capture the colours correctly.

Izebella did already own a few horse and unicorn figures from Bayala which she previously received. She can now play with them altogether and even has the odd fairy figure too. Bayala is a whole world of magical and fantasy beings.

The pink unicorn figure at the back is also in the Bayala range.

If you are wondering how these get played with, as they are not battery operated and don’t do much alone! Well it’s all down to the imagination of the child. Izebella will use other unicorn figures and her other toys and dolls to interact with the unicorns and sort of creates little themes and stories in her head. She has a good imagination so they do keep her busy.

Most Bayala figures including these new unicorns are suitable for children ages 5 and over. Smyths toys sell the figures starting at Β£7.49.

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