Fingerlings Narwhal

My 6 year old daughter kept seeing adverts for these on tv, she really really wanted one! And guess what?

Yeah she now has one! These narwhals have been on tv non stop. They are part of the fingerlings collection which saw little monkeys attach onto little fingers and spin, chuckle and make noises. Izebella already had a few of the original monkey fingerlings but really wanted a narwhal too.

Yes Narwhals are real creatures. They aren’t just made up unicorn type whales. They are a medium whale which has a large tusk. It’s unlikely the normal person will ever see one tho as they tend to be found in the freezing arctic waters and not in the sunny Atlantic shores.

Unlike real Narwhals, their fingerling counterparts are a bit smaller and a bit cuter. They make lots of sounds, their horn lights up and they even give kisses amongst a few other things.

They are incredibly cute and it’s easy to understand why a little girl would want one. There are four colours to collect. Izebella has the blue/green one. I’m assuming that they all do slightly different things and make different sounds etc.

They cost about Β£14.99 each and all come with the batteries pre-installed and therefore ready to play with straight from the box.

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