Alternative Easter gifts – Play Doh

Are you already seeing a growing pile of Easter eggs for your little darlings? and worried about how much chocolate they will be consuming. Or perhaps your child has allergies or intolerances that means they can’t have chocolate? Then maybe consider an alternative Easter gift other than chocolate.

This Play-Doh kitchen creation set from Hasbro would make a nice alternative Easter gift and will also keep young children busy during the school holidays. This is just one of a few different kitchen creations set and this one is the sprinkle cookie surprise play food set.

Izebellas little face lit up when I give this to her in the box. She was very surprised.

This play-doh set is all about making food items and in particular cakes and colourful treats with play-doh.

It has many parts and pieces inside the box.

It does come with instructions on how to build, but to be honest these aren’t great and we more or less just looked at the picture on the box to put it together. The end result is like a revolving tiered cake stand.

There are many ways to do the play-doh creations as the set comes with various tools, cutters, shapes, rollers etc. If the play-doh is placed into the top part of the main device then it makes a sort of cake confetti. The kit comes with 4 coloured pots of play-doh but of course if you already have old play-doh tubs lying around in different colours then these can be used too.

This set costs between Β£10 – Β£12 from most good toy stores.

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