Ravensburger Crazy Cats

The cats are going a little crazy with their knitting needles in this 500 piece puzzle from Ravensburger.

I have to say that this one is so much easier than the previous astronomy puzzle that I recently attempted (and gave up on).

Crazy cats puzzles seem to be a collection on their own at Ravensburger as there are quite a few different Crazy cat themed puzzles. This latest one is called Knit one Pearl one and it all seems to take place in what looks like a rather messy and chaotic room. There does not seem to be any humans around on this finished scene, just lots and lots of crazy cats. The cats that aren’t knitting are either sleeping, or up to no good and trying to eat the birds.

The design is by Linda Jane Smith and the Crazy Cats collections all come with lovely vintage themes. This puzzle has 500 pieces, which unlike the 1000 piece and above doesn’t take quite as long.

It also has lots going on. Many different scenes, different colours and the cats are all different too, thus making it slightly easier to attempt different sections.

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