How to Get Your Garden Summer Ready

If you are someone whose favorite season is the summer, you might be thinking about getting your garden and outdoor space ready so you can make the most out of the time spent with your kids and your loved ones. You could have big plans, or simply do a spring cleaning to get your outdoors ready for those summer garden parties and enjoy the fresh air and tranquility the greenery provides. Ready to get started? Below you will find a few tips on what you should take care of.

Tidy Up

During the time you stayed inside the house, you might have accumulated some debris and dried leaves, dead plants that you will have to take care of. There are several ways you can tackle the job. If you have a leaf shredder or vacuum, you can tidy up the garden in no time. However, removing the dead branches and leaves from the trees and shrubs might require an expert; you don’t want to make a mistake that will ruin your landscape.


During the winter snow and rain, your patio and outbuildings, as well as your fence might have faded. You will also have to apply treatment on the wooden surfaces every year, so you can protect them from weather damage. Visit your local home store and ask for advice which lacquer or paint is the most suitable for your features. If you have a pergola or outdoor bench, you might need to sand down the surface before you apply the next layer of paint.

Add Water Features

To create tranquility in your garden, you might want to add water to your landscape design. You don’t have to splash out on a large waterfall or fountain; there are plenty of places where you can pick up water-resistant water features, or get a reclaimed one to turn it into something new and unique. A motor will only cost you a couple of dollars, and you will have a feature in the garden you can be proud of forever.

Create Shade

No matter if you have little kids who love playing outside, or you have sun sensitivity, you will need to create an area in your garden that provides shelter and shade. From shaded pergola or patio designs to canopies and even temporary features and reed huts that will keep you dry and protected from the wind, there are loads of alternatives. Before you start planning, consider the space you have and the style of your garden.

Relaxing Places

Apart from a shaded patio, you can also create private nooks in the garden that will help you chill out and take a break from your busy life. A reading bench surrounded by flowering bushes for privacy might be just what you need to gather your thoughts and reflect on the day during the summer. Find a spot where you can get privacy and are likely to be undisturbed in the garden.

Pool or Grotto Pool

If your kids spend the majority of the summer at home with you, it might be a good idea to have your own pool, or to create a grotto pool. It will be endless fun for your children and their friends to play in the pool, and with a grotto you can create shade, so they will not get burnt in the water. You can design the pool yourself or buy a ready made or custom design from one of the local landscape designers.

Attract Wildlife

It might be one of your goals to make your home more sustainable this year. This means that you should make the most out of the garden’s features and abilities, so you can make it enjoyable not only for your family, but also the local wildlife. You can create a bird feeder with the kids and a bird bath, so the local wildlife can find sanctuary in your garden. Add hiding places to your garden landscape, and avoid cutting back the bushes and shrubs during the nesting season.

Plan Your Vegetable Patch

Another way of making your home more sustainable is planning your vegetable garden. No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, you will be able to make the most out of the area using advanced gardening methods. Use small boxes or upcycled pots for growing fresh herbs, so you always have the right ingredients for your cooking at home. Experiment with tomatoes and runner beans, and have a few chives to cut for your salads. In case you are really short of space, you can try square yard gardening.

Get Your Flower Beds Ready

During the spring, you will have to start planning your flower beds. If you don’t have your perennial plants in the flower beds yet, you might want to choose new varieties to create a pattern of color and beauty. You can check out the offers from an online florist who will advise you which shrubs and bulbs are suitable for the location of the flower bed and the soil. Consider the time you will have to spend on maintaining the flower bed, and check when each plant is likely to bloom, so you never run out of color.  

Set Up a Play Area

Kids love staying and playing outdoors, and once they had enough of the water, they might want to set up a picnic or play with toys. The good news is that you will not need a lot of space to have a play area, but you should certainly ensure that your children are safe. Get a soft surface installed under the swings, climbing frames, and the slide, and only buy outdoor toys from companies with high safety standards. Make the most out of your garden, so you don’t have to pay high prices for theme park tickets all summer.

There is something relaxing and enjoyable about a colorful and tranquil summer garden that helps you make the most out of your time spent with your family. Start the planning now, and you will have a space you can be proud to share with your friends and family members.


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