High strength collagen ultra

Combining three types of collagen and 10 additional active ingredients, Collagen Ultra from Stirling Health is one of the most powerful collagen supplements on the market.

 Collagen Types One and Three are found in all major tissues, such as skin, tendons, bone and the organs. They are present in scar tissue and are absolutely essential for any healing process within the body, whether as a result of injury or just the normal ongoing repair processes your body carries out every day to ensure you stay in good health.

Type Two Collagen is the key ingredient of cartilage, which is absolutely essential in maintaining joint mobility around the body. Any significant lack of Type Two Collagen will immediately give rise to joint pain and difficulty in moving.  

Due to all forms of collagen being extremely expensive ingredients, most laboratories tend to use the lowest grades when manufacturing their products. Stirling Health’s Collagen Ultra uses the absolute highest grades available of all three types, making the product as bio-available, powerful and as effective as possible.


I decided to give these a go. I turn 42 this year and yes I’m told I look really good and young for my age. However I do notice the lines and ageing signs each time I look in the mirror or in photo so I’m happy to try most things that claim to help with ageing.

 This product contains many ingredients but two of them stand out from the rest.


This unique substance has the amazing capability of stimulating and enhancing the production of collagen in the skin naturally. It is rich in functional keratin, which acts as a protective shield over the skin, hair and nail care and makes skin radiant and smooth. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, redness and promotes firmness and elasticity in the skin, and acts as a powerful anti-oxidant.



Opextan is a very powerful, newly discovered antioxidant that is extracted from the Mediterranean Olive Tree. A number of clinical trials have shown it to be very adept at reducing inflammation and sensitivity to many substances that can cause the body to be stressed, thereby aiding joints and mobility, and stopping free radical damage.


Research shows that 97% of people taking Collagen Ultra have found positive benefits, some in less than 10 days. To be honest I’m now on my 6th day and can’t really feel or see any difference yet, but I’m guessing it’s one of those ongoing things that you have to keep on taking. The recommended dose is 1 tablet twice a day with meals.


Why Collagen? – Collagen is no stranger to the beauty world and for good reason: it makes up approximately 75% of the dermis, the layer beneath the skin’s surface and gives skin strength and the smooth, plump appearance we associate with young, healthy skin.

But it doesn’t end there. Collagen is also THE key protein in cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bones, making it a firm favourite for joint health, mobility and flexibility.  

Collagen levels deplete from around the age of 30, which is why collagen supplements are so important. People over the age of 40 will have already lost on average 30% of their collagen reserves but a collagen supplement can help to combat this loss.

Collagen Ultra costs from Β£19.95 for 60 tablets and is available from Stirling Health.




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