How to keep your garden healthy in 2019

Like any other area in your home, your garden needs to be well taken care of and maintained. You should ensure that it’s always clean and plants have been well attended to give it a beautiful view. There are a lot of activities that can be performed in the garden such as creating a playing platform for your kids, using it as a vegetable garden or to host outdoor parties. All these require you to have a beautiful, well-kept garden. Here are four ways you can keep your garden healthy.

Remove diseased material and old plants

Before planting any plant materials it is important that you ensure that the plants are in good condition and healthy. Examine the plants to ensure that they are disease free and to prevent introducing diseases in your garden. Some diseases are hard to manage once they start spreading and other spread at a very fast rate.

When buying seedlings to plant in your garden, inspect their roots first to ensure that they are healthy and strong. The plant itself should not have rotten stems or leaves display any indication of dead spots. This is because some of the diseases can easily spread to other healthy plants in your garden.

Clean your garden as often as you can and avoid harboring diseases. Old trees which are not safe and diseased plants should be carefully destroyed by burning, flooding or any other relevant method. You can get any unwanted tree professionally removed by experts in California. By getting rid of old plants or trees that you might have, you can then maintain a healthy garden.

Rotate crops 

Crop rotation is a great way to enrich the soil if you have planted the plants or flowers directly on the ground. For those that have planted plants in pots, try changing the positions of the pots to improve the overall appearance of your garden. Use top soil for topping up flower beds and lawns.

Protect your plants

To protect your plants, you need to sanitize any container that you use to rid them of any mold, fungus or root rot. This includes the containers that you use for seedlings or planting in your garden. Before using any container or pot, soak it in warm, soapy water, scrubbing off any dirt or debris using steel wool. Then rinse it properly using clean, clear water. You can also use a bleach solution instead of soap to make it more effective. Repeat the cleaning process to remove any residues.

Insects and pests are also hazardous to your plants since there are some that transport viruses increasing their spread. The accumulation of bacteria can negatively affect your plants.

Use the right tools

With the right tools, you can maintain a healthy and clean garden. Use watering techniques such as drip irrigation to avoid using too much water. The tools that you use should be sanitized first before being used in the garden. Dirty tools can carry diseases and bacteria which can easily spread as you use them. These include rakes or shears that you use for pruning. Oil metallic tools to avoid rust formation, especially on the hinges.

Some environmental conditions such as humidity or drought also promote diseases. Water your plants as required every morning to allow the leaves to dry during the day. Always ensure that your plants are hydrated to keep them healthy.

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