March #1 gift haul reveal

Being a blogger and also part of many gift exchange groups means I get sent a lot of nice stuff. My postie and couriers know me on first name terms and no doubt hate me as they are all here most days! Oops!!

The best way to say thank you for what I get (as well as thanking the person) is I think to show everyone. So I will be doing 2 reveal videos each month over on my YouTube channel so you can all see what I got.

For those who are interested; here is part 1 of my March goodies reveal.

Yes I get a fair bit of stuff but I also give a fair bit too and work hard to get the rest of it. Box swaps can be so much fun so if you’re sat thinking about how much you would love to do a box swap then do something about it and get in touch. Leave me a comment or send me a message. I will reply.

If you like what you see!, leave a comment for Me!!

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