Why Water Aeration Is Important

When you see a beautiful koi pond or a lovely fountain, you can take pleasure in a refreshing sight. Such water features are eye-catching attractions on any property. Looking at ponds and fountains, not everyone has the same idea that water aeration is crucial in building water features. Without aeration, organics build up in the water affecting its clarity.

Aeration is the process of increasing or maintaining the oxygen saturation of water in both natural and artificial environment. It is done through the infusion of air into the bottom of any small body of water or by surface agitation from a spray-like device to allow for oxygen exchange at the surface and the release of gases such as carbon dioxide, methane,  or hydrogen sulfide. This technology is an integral part of water management and restoration efforts of water features. If you are considering putting up a fountain or a pond in your property, or if you are in need of a more efficient process for your water feature, LivingWaterAeration can be your partner in all your aeration needs.

A significant concern in the management of any water feature is the accumulation of muck which can be very unpleasant. Nutrients in water accumulate and become muck as a pond ages. Aeration is essential in reducing muck because it fights decomposing debris. It encourages beneficial aerobic bacteria that consume the nutrients to reduce existing muck build-up and prevent it from accumulating in the future. And since there will not be as many nutrients to fuel the growth of algae and weeds, water clarity is significantly improved.

Aeration is beneficial in the overall health of a pond’s ecosystem. It is needed to improve the quality of water. The beauty of a fountain or a pond is ruined if the water is not clear or murky with build up. You will also not enjoy the sight if the water has a smell! Without oxygen from aerators, the pond will go into an anaerobic state. Anaerobic bacteria tend to produce carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide when digesting organic matter giving the pond a rotting smell. Foul odors can be eliminated with aeration by maintaining an adequate supply of oxygen needed for effective water circulation. Aeration is essential to operate a pond efficiently.

Oxygen from water aeration is needed to maintain a balanced ecosystem in your pond. Higher oxygen levels are good for biotic growth, including fish growth. When oxygen concentrations become low, the ability of the water to support life decreases. The increase in the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water keeps the pond functioning as a healthy aerobic system.

Aeration is crucial in achieving an attractive and effective water feature. There are various kinds of aerators as there are different water bodies. You will be able to find an aeration system that works best for your situation with the help of experts. Incorporating the best aeration system will help you attain the fountain or pond of your dreams while you sit back and enjoy your delightful water feature.

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