Pass Marijuana Drug Testing – How Long Does It Take for Weed to Get Out of Your System

There are a few different ways to eliminate poisons or substances like pot from your body. Some appropriate natural remedies like working out, eating healthy, drinking liquids, and sweating in a sauna are great for the body.

On the one hand, these techniques are not definite approaches for you not to fail a urine drug test. Increasingly reliable detox methods are beverages that contain the right measure of liquids, synthetics, and additionally common herbs. Both home cures and manufactured goods serve as flushing experts to isolate the THC metabolites from your fat cells. This will weaken the measure of THC recognised in your pee.

There are numerous ways that you could be tested for drugs in your system. One of these entails that you might be given a heads-up by your employer or have an arrangement set every week or month for a urinalysis. The most fitting situation is to provide the needed time for you to cleanse your body before taking or doing the test. This gives you an opportunity to come prepared, and by and large, you have a limit up to more than seven days to quit smoking so that no suspicions arise.

How long does it stay in the body?

The impacts of smoking pot blur rapidly, however, the consistency can be distinguished in the body for a considerable length of time. It really just depends on the user how much of the dose stays in their system.

For the occasional users who don’t smoke a lot, the consistency is very low, and it can last up to three days.  Moderate users have a weak or so to start cleansing their body before doing a drug test.  Users that smoke weed daily are exposed to the effects up to 10 or 15 days. However, people that smoke a couple of times per day, every day they cannot get clean until a month passes.


Marijuana consists of the active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, most commonly know n as THC. How this ingredient works is that it enters the body’s circulatory system quickly right after smoking a large dose. If cannabis is ingested as opposed to smoked, it takes more time to be retained into the blood, for the most part from 20 minutes to 90 minutes.

THC is recognisable in the blood for a brief span, around a couple of hours, since it is quickly separated and altered into atoms known as metabolites. Approximately 80 distinct metabolites are shaped from THC. These metabolites cling to the fats in your body. The only way that they can be disposed bit by bit through urine and faeces.

Some THC metabolites can be disposed of right after 20 hours. Moreover, some are put away in the body fat where the elimination process continues up to 10 to 13 days. The more you continuously use it, the harder it is for the metabolites to disappear from the blood completely. Therefore, if an individual uses marijuana just once, the toxins leave their system much faster than of those who use regularly.

Users that regularly smoke are reported to have positive urine drug test outcomes even after 45 days since the last use. On the other hand, heavy smokers cannot eliminate the substance for more than 90 days since quitting.

How can you pass the test?

If trying to found out how to pass a drug test for marijuana is your primary concern, then here’s what you need to know:

Exercises, water and healthy eating regime

Try doing vigorous physical activities with lots of fluids. Everyone knows that physical activity causes calories and fat to burn much faster. Since THC clings on to fat in the system, the less fat that you have in your body, the better. After taking the test, try to burn sweat as much as possible. Do not forget about a healthy eating regime as well. Avoid eating red meats as well as saturated fats. Meals that are rich in grease are like a magnet to the THC metabolites.

Hydration is also proven effective in situations like this. Drinking a significant intake of water as well as juice can lower the chances of detecting weed in the body. It is advisable that you drink 3 to 4 glasses per day to provoke constant urination. Never present your first urine sample for testing because it contains the most toxins. Make sure to pee two or three times before doing the test. What’s important is that you give the body some time to eliminate all the unnecessary drugs, so that the outcome will come out as positive.

Other liquids

Lemon and cranberry juices are a favourite recipe for cleansing the system as well. Try to blend lemon juice with 500ml of water and drink it as much as possible daily. A lot of health experts argue that the fluid eliminates small amounts of THC constituents after each intake.  Moreover, cranberry juice is a widely known health energetic that can help the body get rid of all toxins. Not only that, but it tastes delicious as well. It promotes organ cleansing and vitamin consistency. You will be able to feel rejuvenated and energetic as well as clean of drugs.

Ginger root, mint, green, and many other teas frequently contain cancer prevention agents. These kinds of beverages are typically found in the elements of many detox drinks and can be very powerful to breeze through a urine drug test. The issue is that you should drink somewhere around a gallon of tea for it to work. Besides, you would need to know when your testing will be to plan ahead.

Synthetic urine

If you’re unable to incorporate all the tips mentioned above, then try buying synthetic urine. Besides, this type of urine can be purchased online, and it needs to be warmer than room temperature so that you can pass it as real pee. Check the link for more information:

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