Mother’s Day gifts – Engraved locket

As it’s Mother’s Day in just over 2 weeks, I thought it was about time I started featuring some of the best mum gifts that I’ve recently come across. Yes us mothers and ladies do still like our chocs and supermarket flowers but an extra bit of thought to say thank you for all we do goes a long way.

Today I am very happy to be showing you my lovely new tree of life locket from the Engravers Guild of London.

They have lots of locket designs to choose from including the more traditional heart and oval shapes, but I really liked this tree of life design as soon as I saw it. It’s a bit more unusual and certainly more my style.

This locket is made with 925 sterling silver with a rose gold coating. On the back I was able to get my chosen engraving. Being a Mother’s Day gift I was able to get mum and my 3 kids names on.

Due to lighting it was quite difficult to get a good picture of this without the glare!

As my children are still quite young, I don’t expect them to spend what little pocket money they get on Mother’s Day gifts for me. Handmade cards are always the best anyway but I’ll be giving my kids this to give to me; if that makes sense.

Being a locket of course does mean that it should open up, and it does, fairly easily too. I’m always scared of breaking lockets if I pull it too hard but this one opened with minimal effort.

I think the tradition was to put small photos inside these so I’ll have to hunt around for one that I can cut small enough to fit inside it.

I think you will all agree that this would make a very thoughtful and much wanted Mother’s Day gift. This particular locket does cost £75.00 but there are other lockets available for less.

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