February Degustabox unboxing

Well February’s box is here and Degustabox are currently offering their boxes at 40% off meaning you can get one for just Β£7.99 instead of the usual Β£12.99.

The box theme this month was “Degusta and chill” and my favourite item was the Deli kitchen flatbreads. They cost Β£1.25 a pack and I liked them because they are just so versatile. Make a sandwich, have with a curry or use for dipping and I got 2 packs in the box.

My kids loved the milk from Appy kids. We got 2 packs. Each pack had 3 cartons in it and the pack of 3 costs just Β£1.00. They also loved the sweets from Bebeto, which are watermelon flavour and cost just 50p each. Again we got 2 packs of these.

In fact a lot of Feb’s content came as 2 packs together including the Snaffling pig pork crackling packs. These are like a pub type snack costing 75p a bag. Bags are on the small side but packed full of flavour. The Choc Chick bites were also 2 packs this month. They came in 2 varieties and cost Β£1.85 a pack so therefore on the expensive side. Yes they are nice but I’ve tasted nicer for less.

Also in the box was a single bottle of Orangina which always takes me back to my childhood days. I loved the stuff! It’s Β£1.30 a bottle which again is; I think slightly overpriced. The Basil pesto fm Sacla was a modest Β£2.50 and I’m really happy with it as it doesn’t contain any sort of cheese like some pesto sauces seem to do. The Chickpea fusilli fm Explore Cuisine costs Β£3 a box. It’s pasta apparently made from plant based protein fibre. However once mixed with sauce it doesn’t taste much different than regular pasta and I wouldn’t pay that much for pasta alone. Finally the strange Clearspring Seaveg crispies. These are like cracker bread but made from something called nori sea vegetable? Organic and gluten free but not really anything to get excited about. Not horrid to taste but not the best thing in the world either and at Β£2.59 for a smallish pack! I think I’ll stick to regular cracker bread.

And that’s all for this months box.

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