Teeny Tiny Toes

Look at these adorable new dolls from Flair!

They are called the teeny tiny dolls. Each one fits snuggly in the palm of the hand. They are made from a tough plastic and feel quite sturdy unlike a lot of the plastic collectibles these days.

Each one comes with what appears to be an animal hat which is not removable. I think there are three dolls to collect at the moment which are – a unicorn, panda and pink rabbit and Izebella has the unicorn and rabbit.

They remind me a little of the fingerlings figures, both in size and feel. They are classed as interactive toys as they also make various sounds. Each one makes various unique noises, they say words, flutter their eyes, sleep, kiss, burp, snore and even sing. Each one does something different and they all have their own unique names too. This cutesy unicorn here is called Laughing Luna.

And this one is Ticklish Tess!

The front of the boxes that they come in, tell you what they do so you sort of know what to expect. The batteries come pre-installed and I’m assuming that these are the small button (watch type batteries) as the compartment looks very small. There is an on/off/demo switch which is a good thing as they can go on with themselves a bit otherwise! If you’ve ever had a furby then you know how annoying that can be.

They are very cute and cost around Β£15/Β£16 each from most toy stores.

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