What is the right age for a trampoline

With Spring beginning next month, and Summer soon after, many families with children may start to consider outdoor furnishings and toys. One of those things may include the purchase of a garden trampoline. However if you have young children then you may be asking yourself – “what is the right age for a trampoline” and are my children old enough to use one safely?

So what is the right age to invest in a trampoline for your children? Well most trampoline sellers and manufacturers have their own differing guidelines on this. What you need to take into account is that trampolines come in all shapes and sizes, some come with additional features, and various heights off the ground so the right age will vary per model. Also not all children of the same age are the same height and weight which also play important factors when deciding on the correct model for your garden.

I remember purchasing a first trampoline for my son when he was just 4 years old. This however was a small mini 5ft circular model with netting and suitable for his age at that time as it was intended especially for young children. That particular trampoline certainly would not be suitable for him now at the age of 14 years and being 5ft 10 tall.

Most guidelines recommend that children under 5 years of age should not be using full size trampolines. Children ages 5-11 are usually fine on the 8ft trampolines which seem to be standard in British gardens these days. Teenagers and older children over 11 years may require the next sizes up of 12-14ft.

Of course those are just guidelines to go off and parents know their own children best. The right trampoline is also dependant on how many people will be using it as they can wear down quickly if multiple people are jumping at once continuously.

Adequate safety features are also vital no matter how old the children are. Young children can get fingers and feet caught in netting and gaps of large trampolines and there is also the risk of falling if the trampoline base is high off the floor.

A trampoline can be a big and expensive investment so it’s important to choose the correct trampoline to suit the ages of any children as well as adults and to consider the growing needs of your family. If you have mostly teenagers or children over 9 for instance then a larger trampoline is worth the investment. If mainly young children then perhaps stick to a more standard 8-10ft model which will still last many years until they are older for a larger one.

Ensure you follow all instructions when putting up a new trampoline and also follow any after care guides and do regular safety checks to ensure your product keeps its best for many years.

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