4 Tips On Keeping A Dog In An Apartment

Living in an apartment can be quite challenging and can mean limited space. There are many affordable apartments out there, but you have to make sure you t meets your lifestyle needs and especially if you want to have a dog. For one, considering the limited space that you have, you need to think of a safe and comfortable spot for your dog and make sure it will not make a mess of the whole apartment. It can be quite difficult to invite guests and visitors over especially if they are not as comfortable with a dog around. Moreover, you will also have to consider your apartment neighbors.

But while these are clearly big challenges that one faces when owning a dog, it’s not impossible to have one in your apartment so long as you prepare for it.

Here are 4 tips to keeping a dog in an apartment.

1.       Make sure your breed is comfortable to live in smaller spaces.

Your dog’s breed is one of the biggest factors you need to consider. Some breeds may not easily thrive to be in smaller spaces. It’s not always the size that you need to look into because there are most definitely a lot of dogs who have high energy and are noisy such as beagles, terriers, guard dogs for sale and other toy breeds.

1. They may not be comfortable to be in a small living area. Consider breeds like St. Bernards and Great Danes. They may be large but they have lower energy compared to other breeds. If you are not completely set on a dog, think about getting a cat. They are more comfortable in cozier environments, and there are products to accommodate a smaller space lifestyle.

2.       Keep them healthy and active.

It is important that your dog remains healthy and that is why owning one is a big commitment. Give them enough exercise regularly which means you need to walk them several times a day. For more protection, get them a coat that will protect them from the weather like the ones from JugDog. This is very important especially that living in an apartment means they don’t necessarily have enough space to let out their energy or play. When there are somehow constrained, they will feel frustrated and they may resolve to using their energy instead to destructive ways like chewing your shoes or home furniture.

3.       Create a comfortable space for them.

To make your dog as comfortable as possible inside the apartment, create a haven for them where they can relax and wind down. Find a corner in your apartment that you can turn into a dog haven. Get a dog bed, some toys, his food and water bowls, and any other stuff where they can be as comfortable as possible. This way, your dog will be trained where will play and rest at the end of the day. It will protect your floors and furniture since they have a designated spot where they can be themselves.

4.       Make it a priority to train your dog.

Remember; you have neighbors and in order to consider their peace of mind, you need to be courteous as well. Training your dog will help a lot as you can lessen the chances of them just barking around. Ask your veterinarian on how you can go about with behavioral training for your dog.

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