Testing out Playmobil Fairies

Well I’m now on my second week of being literally housebound with both my girls coming down with chicken pox. This week it’s Izebellas turn to be off school with them, being covered head to toe in spots.

Luckily for her it’s not all doom and gloom and not all boring day time television as she does have some new things to try out.

This cute little fairies set from playmobil only arrived yesterday, which considering she’s unwell is actually perfect timing. It always intrigues me how kids can spend hours building, taking down, building again & generally having fun with sets like this. I’d find it quite frustrating myself as I’m so impatient, but.

I guess things seem different when you’re only six years old.

So what you get in the box are various plastic parts and some very small bits which all connect together to build a small fairy garden/lagoon type structure with fairy figures and flying horses etc.

The instructions are basic images showing what goes where. It even has a colour changing light up bit too and this needs 3 AA batteries. It’s easy enough to put together. The flower petal thing which goes over the light are a bit annoying as they constantly pop off but apart from that it’s quite cute and pretty and it’s keeping Izebella happy for now.

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