Chicken pox strikes again!

I’ve spent the whole week stuck in with my 11 year old who had a rather mild dose of pox. No fever and not that many spots. I thought that it was almost over with her pretty much better now; but: as fate would have it; this happened!

This is my six year olds back, Izebella and this is today. On Thursday she was sick with high fever. Then yesterday morning one small spot appears, quickly followed by more and today this! She’s covered apart from her legs. They are on her face, ears, neck, feet, mouth and even palm of hands.

Unlike her sister, it’s making her unwell. On/off temperature, tummy and headache and obviously she will now also be off school possibly for the whole week.

We have calpol, piriton and calamine lotion to try and help with the itching and fever. I’m hoping she will feel okay soon.

Luckily I’ve had them, as has my son Ryan. Oh well I have another week in the house to look forward to and sleepless nights. The joys of being a single parent eh? Am so glad I chose self employment too as a full time 9/5 job would be impossible for me.

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