Staying safe on a campervan holiday

Campervans are the perfect mixture of a road trip and campsite, giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace without needing to travel light. Unfortunately, unlike a hotel, there won’t usually be staff looking out for you or your belongings – here are a few tips for staying safe on a campervan holiday:

Know how large it is

Driving a campervan isn’t like driving a car: apart from the extra weight and shape, it’ll also be a different size and have different handling. Tight turns on the road will be tighter, and off-road obstacles can be harder to avoid. Risky driving will put you, your passengers and your possessions in danger, so try to follow sensible routes.

Re-use water

It can be hard to come across fresh water if you run out, especially in isolated areas where the nearest town is miles away and running out can be dangerous to your health. Many businesses use a grey water harvesting system to avoid using up fresh water, which can apply to campervans too: try to collect waste water from the shower or sink and use it to fill up the toilet’s tank instead.

Keep things secure

Unlike a car, everything you bring in a campervan will be in the same room as you. This means that anything can come flying at you if the vehicle hits a bump in the road, which is especially dangerous if you have a built-in kitchen. Make sure you seal or put away knives, pans, sharp objects and anything that can spill before you hit a bumpy road.

Know where you are

A campervan might be like a house on wheels, but it doesn’t have an address. If you need to call emergency services or tell somebody where you’re parked up, knowing your general location helps a lot. Even something as simple as “I can see the road near…” or “I’m south of…” is much more specific than just saying “a forest” or “a field”.

Get some sleep

There’s nothing wrong with travelling from a party to a party during your holiday but remember that you’re responsible for driving the campervan there and back. If you’re intoxicated or tired (or both!) to drive, get some proper sleep before you set out again before putting yourself and other in danger.

On longer drives, try to take turns sleeping – resting in a moving vehicle isn’t always comfortable, but it lets you switch drivers later on without needing to stay somewhere overnight.

Read the manual

If your vehicle came with instructions or a manual, make sure you read them straight away. This goes double if you got it from a campervan hire service, since they may have extra notes or information about the specific vehicle (like if certain parts have been replaced) – this could save your life later on if you’re caught in an emergency situation.

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