Making your home look less empty

With the right additions, you can keep your home looking well-decorated without cluttering it up in the process: here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hang something from the ceiling

The ceiling of a room is usually bare in terms of decorations. There isn’t a lot you can do to change that, but hanging down some decorations or ornaments might work wonders, especially during a festive season.

Use a rug to close distances

Rugs always seem to bring furniture closer together, even if the distance between them is the same. The more it stands out from your normal flooring, the more space it’ll fill without actually adding anything to the room. This doesn’t just work with furniture: you could add a rug to a bathroom or kitchen to make the tile floor look less bare.

Add cushions to seating

A row of cushions on a sofa will make people sit further forward, which helps move them a bit closer together in the living room: the same can work for dining rooms, especially ones where you have chairs on every side of the table. The bulkier they are, the more space they’ll fill on each chair, which can make a seating area feel much cosier without any effort.

Draping a blanket over the back of your sofa will do the opposite, leaving the same amount of seating space but adding some extra colour to the room. These can double as actual blankets on colder nights, so having them in easy reach while you’re on the sofa is actually quite practical.

Grow some indoor plants

The right type of plant can cover quite a large area without getting in your way. Something like a ‘spider plant’ or indoor fern can even be used to block sight lines across certain pieces of furniture, such as a kitchen counter or windowsill, which can keep certain areas closed off from the rest of the room.

If real plants are too much of a hassle, fake ones can work just as well, especially in darker rooms that most plant life would struggle to grow in. They’re also easier to move, so they can be positioned anywhere and moved to another room if they’re getting in the way.

Use posters and paintings

Wall decorations are one of the easiest ways to add extra flair to a room. If you’re a fan of photography, some of your own snaps could double as a conversation-starter, but a photo collage can let you display the best moments of your family life in a single decoration.  

This is faster and far less permanent than painting the wall, too, with the added bonus of being easy to move around and store. Being able to order prints in custom sizes lets you find one that fits perfectly into the space you have available.

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