Keeping warm this winter with Helly Hansen

Isn’t it just awful outside right now? So dark, cold and just so depressing. Even tho we would all love to stay inside all day wrapped up in our fleece blankets and slippers with the heating cranked up; it’s just not possible. I’m lucky to beable to work from home, I still have to brave the cold on school runs, shopping trips, visiting friends and other places. I don’t drive either and I don’t like feeling cold. I own lots of coats and hats for all sorts of weather and I now have a new one to add to my outdoor collection.

This jacket from Helly Hansen is just the perfect coat that I’ve been wanting for a while. It looks absolutely amazing on and also does what it’s meant to do and that’s protect me from the elements. The title of the jacket is a “Lifaloft hybrid insulator” and this is part of what it claims to do (taken from the Helly Hansen website)

Stay warm without the bulk and weight with the new Lifaloftβ„’ insulated womens hybrid jacket. Layer up under a shell or used as a stand alone jacket packed in a lightweight windproof, water resistant and PFC free fabric.

Helly Hansen even offer a very handy fit finder tool so you get the perfect size fit an yes it worked. I wanted a jacket that clings rather than baggy but still with that little bit of breathing room and that’s exactly what I got.

Now this jacket being Helly Hansen does cost a moderate Β£160 which may be a bit more than most people want or can afford to pay for a coat. So for that price I was determined to give this a thorough testing out.

When it first arrived, it felt really thin and lightweight and more like a spring/summer jacket than something I’d wear for the cold winter weather. However my thoughts quickly changed when I put it on and headed out for the first time in it. You see the jacket features a new synthetic insulation which is really lightweight. Therefore the jacket remains feeling thin and not bulky. It keeps me surprisingly warm, even on the frosty dark mornings. It gives the exact same warmth as a very thick coat but the lightness means I do feel heavy or start to sweat.

As for the rain and snow – well okay we haven’t had snow just yet, but it’s similar to rain and hail and we’ve had plenty of that. This jacket is 100% waterproof. It keeps me completely dry. The hood is a really snug fit too and doesn’t fall down. When I zip the zipper all the way up it even keeps the bottom of my face warm and dry too.

The pockets are big enough to keep a plus size iPhone inside and also keep dry. It’s a lovely coat and I think I made the perfect choice in choosing it. Other colours include graphite blue, blue haze and wild rose.

For extra head protection and warmth, Helly Hansen has many styles of hats. I love my beanie style hats and currently wearing this one in penguin colour. Which is a light grey type shade.

The Pom Pom does come off if you don’t want it on, but I love it and think it’s really cute. This is a warm chunky hat, it’s quite a tight fit too but keeps my head really warm. In fact sometimes so warm that when I step inside my head will start to sweat.

But it’s a perfect cute winter hat for me and costs Β£30.00.

Yes I will keep warm this winter and many more to come!

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  1. terri brown
    March 7, 2019 / 16:22

    that hat is so cute and I would definitely be keeping the pom pom on but I love you can take it off and have a second hat look.

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