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Trees are everywhere we look, have been around for millions of years before humans were here and can improve the look and beauty of an area. After all; imagine a park without any trees? It would look totally different.

As well as looking incredibly pretty, certain types of tree can also add extra features and value to a home. For instance trees that come under the “Evergreen” band stay green all year round no matter the weather. These types of tree work well for people who enjoy their privacy. They grow extremely big and create a screen in the garden which can prevent nosy neighbours peeking in.

Of course for something like the trees in this picture; you would need a pretty big garden.

Evergreen trees include many types of tree. Some of them very well known such as the cedar tree, holly tree, and of course the very traditional spruce, fir and pine trees, all of which are commonly used as Christmas trees. I actually still have my real spruce Christmas tree from 4 years back in a large pot in my garden. It began as a 3.5ft tree and is still green, flourishing and even growing despite the harsh UK weather and very little after care; which just goes to show how good these trees are any time of the year. It even has string solar lights around it making it look Christmassy all year round. The rest of my garden plants are either dead or withered with the cold weather. Many evergreen trees produce conifers rather than flowers, but these do retain the appearance of winter florals in a way.

These types of tree never lose their greenery, unless of course something happens which unfortunately kills the root. They grow all sorts of shapes, sizes and heights and unlike other trees won’t go bare in the winter which totally removes any privacy enjoyed in the Summer months. The types of evergreen vary on how much cold they can survive in, but as above, my old spruce tree has managed 4 years of British weather living outside.

Trees seem to be a permanent cost effective way to retain garden privacy whilst keeping a garden looking beautiful and natural. It removes the need for ugly looking fences which often require regular maintenance, repairs and painting or waterproofing to protect from the elements.

There are many places to purchase trees from. It’s important to follow instructions and advice when arranging and planting your trees to ensure the best all year round health and growth. It’s vital to ensure you have adequate garden space for your choice of tree and that you are not invading any neighbouring homes or space. Trees give privacy but can also block out some sunlight too. Trees bring so many benefits to the home and garden including privacy and attracting birds and other species of wildlife.

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