Ventilation Hacks For The Home

Whether you are a new homeowner this year or you have had your home for a number of years, one thing which you will always want to consider in your house is air flow. The importance of having good air flow is great and it will prevent your home from forming damp and mould, it can help prevent you catching a cold and it will allow fresh air throughout the space. If you haven’t thought about ventilation in your home before and you want a few tips and tricks, here are some of the ways you can affect the ventilation in your home for the better.

High Windows

If you are looking into installing new windows in your home this year, one thing you can do for the best is place your windows higher up on the wall. The reason for this is that it will help with the circulation of air around your home, and it will also help to reduce the heat of your ceilings which can prevent any issues with your house.  

Deflect the air

If you are looking for a way to push the air all over your home naturally, a good idea can be to use air deflectors such as angled panels and slats to redirect air through the home. This will help to ensure that the air in your home reaches every nook and cranny and will really affect your home positively. This can be a great idea if you have a lot of plants in the home too as it will help them to thrive.


If you haven’t heard of a clerestory before, it describes a set of windows which is situated far above eye level, usually directly below the ceiling of a room. The effect that these can have in your home is the extra addition of natural light to the space as well as some really wonderful fresh air entering the space. These are often seen in churches and schools as well as offices but they can be just as effective in your home. If you have an air conditioning system in the home this can also be a big help, and make sure you use 24 hour air conditioning repair every few years to ensure that it is working to the max.

Orientation of Windows

As you will know if you are a homeowner, not every part of the house is created equally and the south facing side of the home is always the brightest because it faces the sun from dusk until dawn. When it comes to your windows in the house therefore, certain directions are better than others and will provide you with better or worse air flow. The best combination for high circulation of air in the house is north and south facing windows, as the natural breeze flows this way and will penetrate the home all day long.

Balconies and Terraces

If you have the space at the front or the back of your house, a great idea for air flow would be to add in a balcony or a terrace for you to sit out during the summer months. Having a space like this will encourage you to open up the doors and as a result more air will be able to flow through your home. When cleaning and using harsh cleaners this can be a big help too as it will get rid of any harsh fumes.

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