Modibodi period panties

As women we are all used to those rather embarrassing moments of unexpected periods, discharge, leaks and pregnancy bladder problems. It’s not something we often like to talk about, but instead try to seek out products to silently disguise it all.

Modibodi are products designed for women and even teenagers to help us deal with those common problems. It’s a range of underwear, swimwear and apparel for periods and incontinence.

Their website claims that by wearing modibodi panties and underwear this reduces the need for pads and tampons. However, although I did find that the pants unique built in layer did absorb a lot of it, I just did not feel comfortable without a pad on being in the same underwear, therefore I’d rather use them as extra protection for preventing leaks or to use at nighttime instead of a pad.

Their items come in many colours and sizes and also choice of absorbency which depends on how heavy your periods/incontinence is.

The technology behind these pants is a 3 layer system. A top layer to wick away the moisture, which fights bacteria and reduces odour. A middle layer that absorbs the fluid and a bottom layer for added waterproof protection.

Having three layers in your panties may make you think that these will be big or bulky but they fit just like regular panties and even come as thong style too.

The pants are comfy just as they claim to be. They do absorb and are waterproof as they also claim to be, but for me it just doesn’t feel right staying in them and nothing else when on my period. I have fairly light-medium flow too, nothing too heavy but I’d just rather have the extra protection of a pad too.

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