What did Santa bring me #part1

I’ve seen a few others doing similar to this on blogs and on You tube, so I thought I’d give it a go myself.

I had a great Christmas which makes a change and I must have been a very very good girl all last year as I had between 150-200 presents to open for myself. It honestly took me 3 days to get through the huge haul.

Now I’m not one for bragging or showing off, but if you think you may get annoyed or offended by my video/pictures then perhaps don’t watch or read any further.

I’ve only managed to video a quarter of my presents so far. The remaining bags full will also be videoed shortly. The presents come from many places and people including family, friends, box swaps, secret Santa gifts and thank you gifts. There was also the odd pre Xmas review product too but not so many. I’m unable to show the chocolates and the alcohol as they are mostly all gone. I’ve also wore all 4 sets of my pyjamas too and the bits of jewellery I got are also safely put away.

So here is part one of my Xmas haul, along with a few pics. Enjoy!

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