I did it! I bought a mystery parcel from eBay!

Well you all know how much I love getting surprise packages and how much I love opening them. Well I spotted a growing trend over on You tube of many others buying mystery boxes online and unboxing them on video.

So I had a browse of eBay and found my very own affordable mystery box. This box cost me just Β£14.99 excluding postage and claimed to contain at least 50 items from bankrupt stock, unused items, clearance etc. I had no idea what would be inside.

I don’t think I’ve done too bad for what I paid. I do a lot of box swaps for kids and crafters abs there’s a few bits in there that I can use for that. The rest I can probably sell for a few pound each and make my money back. The wrapping paper I will keep and use myself. So all in all I think I’ve done okay.

There are hundreds of mystery boxes floating round the internet waiting to be purchased by curious dummies like myself. They come with many price tags and you just never know what might be inside. It could be a box of tat or maybe just maybe worth more than what you paid for it. Take care if you’re considering doing this as there are usually no returns if it goes wrong.

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