Blogger outreach, the good, the bad and the really bad!

I’ve been blogging over five years and it’s now my main source of income and employment. I enjoy what I do and the majority of it is good. I work with lots of brands and companies and am approached by many on a daily basis. The main form of communication being email. The majority of requests I get, I can usually work with and accommodate. However there are some blogger outreach requests that I do often ignore or say a definite NO! too. And it’s not just me either. Many other established bloggers receive very similar requests too.

Possibly the worst approach I receive quite often is certain emails, mentioning a fabulous new product or a new company. All sounds good until we mention payment and then it’s “sorry we don’t have any budget or any review products) Err excuse me but would you work for free? I thought the days of Slave labour were long gone, but oh no these people do have something to offer and that’s usually hi-res images, or infographs or company history/txt. It may seem like an easy job that I and others do? But believe me it’s not, and for all that hard work we get some lovely images or txt to use in our features! NO THANK YOU.

I was, before Christmas approached by Amazon. Yes the huge multi billion online shopping company. Who wanted me to do a feature of their top Xmas gifts. However this billion pound company apparently has no budget and no products to review. Hmm?? It’s no wonder the company is worth billions when they don’t pay up then.

Then there are the people/companies who want you to review their products but want you to pay for them. Now to me that’s almost as bad, if not worse as the hi-res images above. Surely if you wanted their products then you would already have them or be buying them and why should we review for free if we paid for that product?

I’ve also been approached a few times by email and via my social networking channels by people asking if I can donate some of my products to them. This I find laughable. Charities I donate lots of stuff too, but if these people are as poor as they make out then how is it they can afford a phone or laptop to message me in the first place.

Well like I said it’s not all bad but some of the outreach requests I get really are laughable and down right cheeky. I wouldn’t go into a shop and ask for free stuff in exchange for a nice image now would I?

A while ago I did come across a fabulous platform for blogger outreach service . Get Blogged connects bloggers and brands and you don’t even need to have a high following or a high domain authority to work with them. I have completed a fair few assignments with them over this past year and hope to do many more too. Payment is based on your domain authority and will increase the higher your number gets. They always pay really quickly, usually within 2/3 days and often sooner. You choose the assignments you want, do a short application pitch for each and wait for an acceptance email. It’s that easy to earn money. The assignments just need to be based around the specific topic and be a certain amount of words. They also need to contain specific link building and anchor texts too.

Now if you’re considering signing up to Get Blogged (and I really recommend that you do) then you will no doubt have a few questions in your mind. So I’ve compiled a few common questions and will post the answers once Get Blogged answer for me.

  • How much will I be paid?
  • How do I sign up?
  • How is payment made?
  • How do I apply for an opportunity?
  • How do I submit an assignment?
  • Which brands/companies do you work with?
    What if there is a mistake in my assignment?
    How long do I have to complete an assignment?
  • These are pretty much the questions I had when I first joined. Their website does have an faq section too and I found that any question I sent them received a same day reply.
  • So if you are a blogger, freelancer or internet publisher and wanting to earn some extra cash for the new year then forget all the bad outreach emails and communication and sign up to Get Blogged.

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