Last minute Xmas toy guide

I’m finishing off by rounding up a few last minute toy reviews. For those who leave their Xmas shopping until the last minute.

1) Wrapples

These are bracelets combined with cute interactive pets. They come in many colours and snap onto the wrist like a snap bracelet. The pets can then go wherever the owner goes and less chance of it being lost as it’s on the wrist. The pets eyes will light up and it has a record and talk back function. Buy from Amazon for Β£24.99 and available in toy stores.

2) Aquabeads Disney Tsum Tsum

A combination of the popular collectible toys and a bead making set. This set comes with hundreds of colour beads and a unique carry case with a slide off lid, which actually stays on. It also contains the Tsum Tsum design cards to create Tsum Tsum bead designs. All you need is a little patience and some water. This set even comes with a card display board to put the finished designs on. However I did find this a bit flimsy and quite difficult to assemble as the paper folding connections just don’t stay in place. Apart from that it’s a lovely full set. Approximately Β£22 on Amazon and most toy stores.

3) Don’t lose your cool!

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a fun party game and this one is just perfect for the big day. It’s made by Hasbro and the only contents are 3 dice and a strange looking device that goes on players heads.

The device is called the cool-o-meter. Players play in teams and take turns to put the thing on their heads. The other team then needs to roll the dice and try and get the player flustered by doing the actions on the dice. It really works too and can be lots of fun.

Prices vary on this one but in the range of Β£10-Β£15 usually.

And there you go, a few extra ideas for gifts if you are stuck for ideas.

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