6 Types of Electrical Outlet Upgrades

Traditional electric outlets have been replaced by the new electrical outlets. The time of having these traditional outlets in homes has passed due to new technologies that do not work the same as the traditional outlets. In their replacement electrical outlet upgrades has been introduced. The upgrades balance the new items and ensure safety from any danger that may occur. The article below describes six different types of electric outlet upgrades:

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

This is a cheap gadget that ensures any problems with flow of electricity power. There can be problems of power supply after a quick outage that can cause supply of excess power which can lead to great loss by damaging expensive devices connected to power. So, it is best to call 24 hour emergency electricians to apply this upgrading.

USB Outlets

The first evolution that came with aforementioned technologies was to create a constant of power strips to accommodate plugs which are used for chargers and adapters .Nowadays you do not need to use plugs simply to charge your smartphone or adapter, the devices which need USB have their own created portals and outlets.

LED Lighting

This is a source of lighting which uses semiconductors and electroluminescence to create light. The LED lamps have been popular due to its efficiency. It works efficiently as source of light to short distances and small areas.

LED saves a lot of energy since it requires 30-60 mill watts to produce light. It is also durable and shockproof unlike traditional glass bulb lamp saving the cost of regular changing of bulbs, it also lasts for more than 20 years. Upgrading to LED lighting is an investment to low electricity bills in the future. Many people are switching to a solar energy renewable plan from Pulse Power, which allows them to lower their electricity bills while also helping reduce their CO2 emissions.

Recessed Outlets

Recessed outlets are different from traditional outlets because they have a faceplate that is set deeper inside the wall. This is important because it saves on space and preventing connector and plugs from protruding on the wall surface. Recessed outlet are safer since when walking around you will not collide with wires and cables therefore decreasing potential hazards. They improve in counter spaces especially around the kitchen. It reduces mess of hanging cables reducing chances of them being wet which is dangerous.

Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters

There are circuit breakers which break the circuit when it detects overheat in the circuit, it protects hazards such as fire, which can cause great damage of devices in a household. It detects harmful electric arc which can lead to damage. The circuit breakers protect fuses and circuits by interrupting the flow of electricity power. Many traditional outlets have the problem of overheating.

Tamper Resistant Receptacles

This is a gadget free from being tampered by the babies. Parents with young children have worries and always concerned about the outlets being attractive to their child, and they tend to insert objects in the outlet. This is dangerous because the child may be shocked or start fire. The Tamper Resistant is designed in a way that is not attractive to a child.

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