5 Tips for making your shower personalized to your needs

Showers are not just for cleaning your body in the morning before you go to work or school, but they are also a great way to de-stress after a hard day. Make your shower time more special and personalized by following the tips below.

1.  Adjust the water pressure – everyone has a different preference for water pressure when it comes to showering, and it can change from time to time. There may be times when you want the pressure to be very high so that it feels like you’re getting a massage. You can get the rainfall showerhead for this. If you feel like you have low water pressure, you might need to clean your water shower head.

2. Set it at the right temperature – for some people, showering after a long day can help a great deal to get rid of the stresses that they experienced during the day. Even more so when you get a hot shower after a particularly tiring day. Personalize your shower time by making sure you are enjoying the perfect temperature that will get rid of the aches and pains in your body.

3. Add toys if you have a child – some kids enjoy taking baths more than showers, so some parents are looking for ways to get kids to enjoy showers more. You can do that by getting a shower head that has a toy or design that would appeal to all kids. You can choose from different designs like sharks, ducks or even popular cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

4. Adjust the height – it can be very uncomfortable when you find yourself showering and the shower head is too near you or too far. To remedy this, you need an adjustable shower arm. Now this shower head extension arm is not just for those who are tall and need extra space, but if you have a big shower area and you want to change the direction of the shower head, the extension arm will be very useful. Since there are actually many varieties available in the market, some considerations you will have to make before purchasing include the length that the shower head extends to, your budget and how wide you can adjust the shower head arm extension.

5. Invest in a Bluetooth shower head – there’s a lot of people who love to sing in the shower. While some are happy with just singing by themselves, there are those who enjoy singing while listening to their favorite artists. So some opt to bring their phones or speakers inside the bathroom. but that can be dangerous and risky. Not only are these gadgets not waterproof and can be damaged, but they might also short circuit and someone might get electrocuted. To solve your problem, you can just buy a Bluetooth shower head. The showerhead will have a speaker integrated into it. It’s completely safe, and you will surely enjoy singing to your favorite songs while taking your shower.

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