Tips when considering Broadband

The majority of homes in the UK connect to the internet via broadband. Whether you are already connected or moving into a new home and considering broadband, here are a few useful tips which you may want to consider.

1) Shop around for deals – There are now so many broadband providers to choose from that it can be difficult to know which one will give the best service for your needs. Most broadband providers offer very low-cost introductory offers but it’s important to read the small print. There are many comparison sites online that allow you to research the different providers and plans available, like starlink internet plans, for instance, so you can consider the varying costs and features and find the best one for you. 

2) Speed – This is a very important thing to consider with broadband. First identify what you will be using the internet for. If you are a regular video streamer or will be connecting a lot of gadgets then you are best choosing a provider that offers “superfast fibre optic broadband”. On the other hand if you live alone and only browse the internet now and then, then standard broadband should be okay.

3) How many users – Another important factor is the amount of internet users in your home and what they are using. The more people using the connection, the slower it will be and especially so when downloading or streaming. Large households, like mine with teenagers and children are best opting for an unlimited package which we do. Unlimited gives us constant internet access without the worry of being charged for extra data by our provider. Packages that are not unlimited can quickly incur extra costs or even be unable to use the internet until the month is up.

4) Streaming & downloading – It’s easy to forget whilst watching Netflix via your tv or games console that you are actually using internet data to stream or download. Watching video eats gigabytes more than anything else. For regular movie fans, an unlimited fibre package will give the best experience and minimise that annoying movie buffering.

5) Cost – Of course your budget has to come into consideration. It can be tempting to go for the cheapest deal but it’s important to make sure it fits your household needs or there will be disappointment. Many companies offer similar packages but at very different prices. Also consider any set up fee and any extras they may offer.

6) Home phone – The majority of broadband packages also come with a land line included as that’s how the majority of broadband modems connect (through the phone line). However this does not mean you have to take a call package with your broadband. Most companies will offer a pay as you go call package where you only pay for calls you make. You can also choose to have unlimited calls included, weekend & evening calls or calls abroad. If you don’t need a land line then don’t pay for a call package.

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