Don’t forget the Haribo’s this Christmas

Haribo sweets seem to be a regular feature in our home for most Halloween’s and Christmas’s. And this year is no exception. We have been sent a selection of their new festive products which get bought out especially for Christmas.

Haribo are obviously sweets which means sugar, but it’s Christmas so I really don’t see anything wrong in giving my kids sweets and treats at this time of year.

The Haribo tangtastics are one of my favourite with their extremely tangy and sour flavours. I’ve seen some strange faces when people eat these. This year they have had a bit of a makeover coming in a festive orange gift box. Haribo fairyland are a new box with fairy and unicorn treats inside. Then there is the big sweet melody box. This is a bit like one of those old sweet shop toy trays with six bags of different Haribo sweets and a tray to serve them all on.

Perfect for sharing with the family after Christmas dinner.

Haribo products can be purchased in most shops and all supermarkets.

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