Give bacon for Christmas

Yes you read that correctly – bacon for Christmas! Or to be more precise – a bacon subscription.

If you know of a bacon lover and you’re a struggling to think of a gift to buy them then treat them to a Cure & Simple bacon subscription for a few months or even for the whole year.

The subscription plan has a really good tailoring system allowing the receivers to get their bacon weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Whichever you choose, the bacon will be picked, packed and delivered to the letterbox, you don’t even really need to be in when it arrives, tho if you have pets; you may need to be.

The bacon differs from the standard stuff in supermarkets, it’s thicker, less fat and more meat and even comes in a variety of unique and tasty flavours. Such A’s smoked, pancetta and red Thai.

There is plenty of information on their website about the bacon process, the types of pigs and many Christmas offers.

This is by far a very unusual Christmas gift to give somebody but I think it’s one that will be much appreciated.

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