Reese’s chocolate this Christmas

Reese’s are an American branded chocolate who are marketed by the well known Hershey company. Up until a few years ago, Reese’s products were quite difficult to get hold of in the UK without paying a fair amount in specialist sweet shops. Now a days, the majority of shops will have some sort of Reese’s products for sale.

Reese’s are well known for their chocolate and mix of peanut butter snacks. The two key ingredients seem to work perfectly well together to give the ultimate melt in the mouth flavours. Their product range seems to have expanded over the past few years too and I’m often spotting new yummy chocolate treats in the shops.

For Christmas they even now have their own selection boxes packed full of favourite products. They also have the massive snowman, and I’m not joking when I say massive as this weighs a whopping 141g and is packed full of sweet peanut bitter flavour covered with thick chocolate. For those who don’t prefer the smaller and lighter treats, the Christmas trees come in two smaller sizes with the same great taste and for those who like the huge treats then try the very big half pound butter cups.

As Reese’s is an American brand, it does mean it can be slightly more expensive to buy than our own brands here, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the extra pennies. The chocolate is top notch, always very thick and doesn’t seem to melt so easy. The peanut butter filing is just divine.

So this Christmas why not treat yourself and your family to something a little different this year and try Reese’s.

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