5 Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

An online survey of 27,000 people conducted by GfK revealed that 57% of these people owned a pet. Interestingly, 33% of them owned a dog while 23% of them had a cat in their household. People cannot be fond of these creatures unless they receive some benefit from them. For example, did you know that the people who own a pet live happier lives than those who do not own one? They also live healthier lives than the people who do not own one. Unfortunately, pets are messy companions. Here are 5 home cleaning tips for pet owners.

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1.    Using a Lint Roller Helps
Dogs and cats shed their hair in addition to other pet. This hair falls on furniture and other upholstery items. You can find it on your carpet as well. Getting rid of it is an excellent idea because some people develop allergies to this fur. Unfortunately, ridding your home of hair is a challenging task because of how scattered and tiny they are. The best bet at removing it is using a vacuum cleaner to stir it up and then remove it. Finally, use a lint roller to get rid of pet hair that may be present on hard to reach surfaces.

2.    Pet Wipes at the Door
Pets are playful creatures. They will run outside with your kids and then come back inside when they smell food. Unfortunately, they step into the house with dirty paws leaving dirt all over the floor. Sometimes, they jump on household furniture with these dirty paws. Preventing your pet from entering your home is one way of ensuring that you keep your house clean. Another way is placing pet wipes at the entrance of your door. This wipes hold on to most of the dirt that your pet had on its feet.

3.    Steam Clean Carpets
Pets leave a host of substances on your carpet. These substances include hair and spit from drools. They also leave ticks among other insects that they might be carrying on their bodies. Some of these things are health hazards so dealing with them quickly and decisively is necessary. One way of doing so is by steam cleaning your carpet. The benefits of this carpet cleaning method are numerous. For example, the heat generated by the steam would kill any insects living in the carpet including ticks. Buying the right equipment as featured on steamclean.reviews would help you keep the carpet clean as well. There are also many types of Carpet Cleaning Solution for Pet Stains to choose from.

4.    Keep Your Pets Clean
Cleaning carpets and upholstery to get rid of the mess that pets make on these items is an excellent idea. However, dealing with the pet itself is inevitable. More specifically, cleaning the pet regularly ensures that carpets and upholstery remain clean for a long period. Cleaning your pet is an exciting task that you can perform with one of your family members especially your children. Start by brush your pet. Use lukewarm water to wash the pet and then rinse him well. Finally, air-dry your pet if possible.

5.    Pet-Friendly Materials
You also know your pet and the mess that it makes within the house. You cannot live with untidiness forever. At the same time, you cannot live without your pet because it is one of your best companions. Using pet-friendly materials is one of the solutions to this dilemma. For example, having hardwood floors is an excellent idea if you have a pet because scratching these floors is difficult or impossible. Buying carpets and upholstery with dark colors is also an excellent idea because these colors hide the mess that your pets make.


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